A Relationship Based Company

Our Team

The team at Invescoparadise is a core group of experienced and talented people. Our collective expertise and commitment ensure high level of services. Challenged by the winds of economic change, every Invescoparadise employee works upon improved and efficient methods to make your money grow. With such commitment, our business- client relationship has grown stronger over the decades. We take immense pride in maintaining a connection with many generations of families and business houses.

Dr. Kali Prasad

(Founder & CEO)

He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. He holds the bachelor degree in Computer Science and Statistics. He also received PhD degree in Economics. Keenly involved in investment learning and stock market since 2007 with encompassing experience of associating with sterling wealth management organizations of the nation, he has aced the market strategies with his proven vision to assess strengths of resources through realistic optimism. His contribution to area of Wealth Management is recognized by many prestigious institutions.


Amit Mishra

(Head - Equity)

Amit is currently designated at the position of Head of Equity in Invescoparadise family. With over 12 year of experience in Wealth Management, he deals with managing the funds and enhancing the value of the organization. With the expertise in equities, his role and responsibilities includes analysis of private equities, mutual funds and stock market to offer the best possible suggestion to our clients.


Shweta Mehra

(Head - Operations)

Shweta is the Head of Operations at Invescoparadise. With 8+ years of experience in wealth management operations, Shweta oversees all aspects of operations for the organization including Technology, Operations, Risk & Assurance, and Corporate Services. Prior our organization, she has been serving other companies and that in turn makes her well versed about the various aspects of market, funds and stock broking.


Lavkesh Goyal

(Tax Consultant & Legal Expert)

He is designated at the position of Tax Consultant & Legal Expert in Invescoparadise family He holds the 40 years experience working as a legal advisor and tax consultant for many firms. With expertise in tax laws and tax planning, he helps in minimizing the tax liabilities of the clients throughout the year. Also, his roles and responsibilities include providing the legal guidance, consuct legal research and ensure compliance.


Dipen Thapa

(Head - Human Resources)

Dipen is currently the Head of Human Resources at Invescoparadise. He is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of the HR operations and staff engagement agenda. He is a seasoned experienced HR manager with 8 years of demonstrated history of working in the Human Resource industry. He is responsible for Benefits Management. Payroll, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Recruitment, Documentation and Coordination of releasing letter, appointment letter and Full & Final settlement of the exit employees.


Aditya Singh

(Relationship Manager - Overseas)

Aditya is designated at the position of Overseas Relationship Manager. He is postgraduate with MBA from Washington University, USA. With 12+ years of experience in sales, business analytics, equity and investments product and client acquisition, he is well versed with every aspect of the market. Prior our organization, he had served various companies including national and multinational firms.